Has The Lord’s Hands & Hearts Ministries touched you?

If you have had an experience with The Lord’s Hands & Hearts Ministries that has impacted your life, we would love to hear about it.  Simply share here as we give God all the glory!!


Friends – please take a look! This is the homeless ministry Matt and I work with. Leann (the Founding Director) is the real deal and people’s lives are truly... [Read More]

Jessica Burk

Exciting opportunity for an awesome ministry reaching the homeless and residential poor in Dallas!! Can you help??? [Read More]

Megan Lewis

Ever wanted to REALLY give back? We need YOU! Give, Serve, Volunteer. Are you in? A great opportunity for all of us to continue being God’s hands and feet... [Read More]

Dan Cunningham

This place is very important to me. The Holy Spirit is ever-present. Hallowed ground. And a key place in what I feel is the most important such ministry in... [Read More]

Richard Guay

Very good ministry to the homeless of Dallas – Caring people. [Read More]

Larry Gibbons

HHM – the homeless Ministry that has been homeless since time began, has an amazing opportunity to purchase the building and land it has been so very fortunate to... [Read More]

Tracey Farris

Here is a great opportunity to help a legitimate ministry that is making a difference [Read More]

Steve & Christina Groebe

PLEASE HELP!!!! We all know churches, corporations and organizations looking to support a worthwhile charity. Here is a golden opportunity… [Read More]

Cyndi Farris

PLEASE DONATE TO THIS ORGANIZATION!!! I first met sister Leann Rice back in 2008 and the ministry has grown tenfold since then. Her vision and heart for the homeless... [Read More]

Hannah Koval

Please join this ministry in prayer and support. These are the guys who we partner with in Dallas. Their success is our success. Their victory is God’s victory in... [Read More]

Craig Brandon, Cookin With Grace

This ministry brings me soooooooooooooooo much love and warmth I cannot express in words how I feel!!! Thank you LeAnn and Pastor John for the opportunity that you both... [Read More]

Rob G.

“Just to allay any fears, my 5 year old stuck close to us (me and hubs) and did just fine. Most of the guests were tickled to see a... [Read More]

Andi W.

Even though I have only been to Solomon’s Porch a few times, it has made a huge impression on me (and my whole family).  I have been telling anyone... [Read More]

Cheree N.

“My prayer request is for continuation of what you fine people are doing. You are all a bright spot in the lives of many who otherwise are living a... [Read More]


“Our family loved our time serving at Solomon’s Porch. My family that came up from Houston was in awe of what you all are doing. You, Pastor John and... [Read More]


“I just got back from a mission trip in South Dallas with a fantastic bunch of teenagers (NOT an oxymoron).I could tell dozens of stories, but the one I... [Read More]

The Quantum Housewife

“Hey Leann, I wanted to see if you could please put me on the email list for The Lord’s Hands & Hearts Ministry, so I can start receiving updates... [Read More]


“We greatly appreciate your partnership with us in South Dallas.  May God continue blessing you.” [Read More]

World Impact Dallas

“Thank you for being pliable and listening to God.  Of course, God gets all the glory, but if you guys weren’t there on a Saturday, I wouldn’t be here... [Read More]

J. R., Graduate of Denton Freedom House, now a leader

“Yesterday was a fantastically fabulous day. Serving in south Dallas both at sidewalk celebration and solomons porch blessed me beyond measure. After transporting water and food to the kids... [Read More]

Audrey S.

“Hey, the way I see it, they gave to my son and I. I cannot begin to tell you, how much being there touched my heart. I truly am... [Read More]

A.L., Volunteer

“I’ve been praying for a place like this for over a year and now I’ve found it.  You guys are my family!” [Read More]

L.B., Artist In The Wilderness

“I feel good today that I’m alive and I don’t have to worry anymore and that I don’t need drugs or drinking anymore. I don’t even have that desire... [Read More]


“I live for Saturday ministry!  Sharing the Word gives life to my bones!” [Read More]