Opportunity To Make A Difference

Posted by admin on November 6, 2014

Providing a hand along the path from Homeless to Whole

The Lord’s Hands and Hearts Ministries (HHM) needs supporters to buy the building they have been using for the past nine years to feed the homeless in Dallas. The ministry still needs to raise $260,000 to purchase the property.

“Because our ministry is to the homeless and residential poor of Dallas, our financial support comes completely from the gifts and offerings of you and the proceeds of Urban Relics Resale. Just as overseas missions rely completely on the financial support of the Church, we are a state-side inner city mission relying completely on the support of God’s people,” says HHM Founder and Executive Director Leann Rice.

Solomon’s Porch, HHM’s homeless outreach, has operated out of World Impact Center on S. Ervay St. in Dallas for the past 8 years. World Impact is now selling the building, and offered first dibs to HHM. Although HHM has raised enough money for the down payment, the ministry still needs to pay off the mortgage and raise enough to pay the $2,500 monthly bills.

Rice continues, “We are not just a place that throws together sandwiches and hands them out on a serving line. We prepare hot meals for breakfast and lunch, serve and wait on them. They are our guests of honor.”

“We have a clothing area set up where they can choose a change of clothes for themselves – a luxury that you and I take for granted, but something that restores a small bit of dignity in them.”

HHM currently serves more than 1,000 people each month in Dallas through transitional housing, food, hygiene, and clothing assistance, Christian teaching and counseling. HMM oversees five ministries: Solomon’s Porch, Nehemiah House, Pauline’s Pantry, Urban Relic Resale, and Mercy Seat Church. The building will not only continue to house Solomon’s Porch, but also house HHM headquarters.

Craig Brandon of Cookin’ with Grace Ministries shared, “These are the guys who we partner with in Dallas. Their victory is helping get the homeless off the street into a productive life with a pay job. HHM has had a huge impact in Downtown Dallas for the last nine years. This opportunity will no doubt expand their positive impact on the homeless population immeasurably into the future.”

The Lord’s Hands and Hearts Ministries, Inc. (HHM) is a volunteer organization that helps the homeless address issues of poverty, addiction, oppression, discouragement and hopelessness. HHM provides a holistic approach by ministering to the body, mind and spirit. Learn more about HHM at www.HandsHearts.org or follow them on Twitter @handsheartsinfo and Facebook at The Lord’s Hands & Hearts Ministries.

Through Solomon’s Porch Homeless Outreach, Mercy Seat Church, Nehemiah Transitional Housing, Pauline’s Pantry Food Outreach and Urban Relics Resale, we are making an impact on individuals & families facing issues of poverty & hopelessness.  We are a ministry serving the homeless and residential poor of Dallas in body and soul. It is our desire to build relationships in order to teach and impart biblical principles they can apply to their lives to get back on track. We believe the whole person must be ministered to and healed in order to see lasting freedom; body – spirit – and soul.