Solomon’s Porch

Each Saturday morning, while most people are sleeping in, leisurely shopping, or hanging out with friends, volunteers from all over North Texas are in South Dallas, an area containing a high concentration of homeless persons. Drugs and alcohol are used and dealt in the open. Homeless women recently beaten or raped are not an uncommon site.

Solomon’s Porch volunteers prepare a hot breakfast and lunch, provide clothing and hygiene, offer prayer and love to encourage, teach biblical truths, hold a full worship service, and share hope and information about resources available to get off the street and leave a life of hopelessness in exchange for a life of overcoming.

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Ministry, a Meal and More!!

Every Saturday 8am - 2pm.

Tent City Under the Bridges. We will be at 2803 Cleveland St. Dallas, TX 75215. We will see you there!

Come, share, and have your life enriched!