The Lord’s Hands & Hearts ministries are for the purpose of reaching hurting and lost people by showing Gods unconditional love, building Christ-centered relationships, bringing freedom from oppression by the truth of the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit, and for teaching biblical principles to result in victorious people who exhibit the character of God and love for one another.

The homeless are people. The same as you and I. They are a miracle of creation. God is the great Creator and He made them for a reason. We have been given the awesome and humbling task of reaching out to these people and unlocking the destiny inside through the power of Jesus Christ. Our strategy to reach them is to walk them down the

Path from Homeless to Whole

Through an inter-mingling of our 5 different ministry outreaches, we are walking people through issues related to hunger, poverty, addiction, oppression, and hopelessness down a path to complete healing – body, spirit and soul. We see lasting rehabilitation. From being a homeless guest at Solomon’s Porch, to a leader at Mercy Seat Church, to a mentor at Nehemiah House, to a Street Evangelism leader, to a leader in the community all the while obtaining and maintaining full time employment with financial accountability. We see full circle growth. To God goes the glory!