Testimony from Audrey S.

“Yesterday was a fantastically fabulous day. Serving in south Dallas both at sidewalk celebration and solomons porch blessed me beyond measure. After transporting water and food to the kids at SC a much needed convo occurred with one of the SC leads, Heather.

Last Sunday her and some other volunteers helped a single mom whose kids come to sidewalk, get all of the donations she received situated in her own apartment (mind you this is a VERY dangerous neighborhood). What she discovered in this process was, even though we had all of these great donations of beds, dishes, blankets, etc. they had no food. A single Mom working around only 8 hours a week and four kids and no food.

Ugh my heart sank…This women is amazing, the little food she gets she cooks and shares with the neighborhood. Specifically our SC kids. She is Christ’s Servant.”

“Holding back tears I drove back to Solomon’s porch and began to tell Terri, another volunteer, about the family and their lack of food. To little surprise, because she’s also amazing, food begins to pour out of the fridge, coolers, off the counter and into a giant tub to take to Phyllis and her kids.

Pastor John comes in, hears the news, drives to the food pantry (which is running low) and fills two more bins with food. My heart gave way as God’s abundance was overflowing!!! We were so excited to unload all of this food into the pantries, running out of space because we had so much. Praise God!!! She was so thankful. And still, as always, tithing & giving to others.”

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