Testimony from Andi W.

“Just to allay any fears, my 5 year old stuck close to us (me and hubs) and did just fine. Most of the guests were tickled to see a young one there and made it a point to say hello and thank you and make small talk. My friend brought her 8 year old and it was the same. Both our boys had a little “job” of serving something to the guests, so it wasn’t like they were running around strangers. The guests were blessed, our children learned to be servants and communicate socially, and we got to model exactly what Christ asks of ALL of us. I am still loving the fact that my son didn’t seem at all affected by body odor, different colored skin, hairstyles/clothing, grooming, etc. Unlike most adults, he saw beyond the stereotype and just interacted with them like he does with any grownup. We walked away that day WAY more blessed than we ever anticipated!” Andi W.

Also, there is an amazing photo album on facebook that I would like to take a lot of the shots from to add to website. Can you give me a quick tutorial of how I can do that myself?

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