Testimony from Cheree N.

Even though I have only been to Solomon’s Porch a few times, it has made a huge impression on me (and my whole family).  I have been telling anyone who will listen what a worthy cause it is and all about the amazing people we get to serve and serve alongside!  I work for an optometry office in Frisco that consists of 5 doctors and approximately 30 employees.  The owners (Dr. Thomas and Dr. Marsh) are always looking for ways to give back to the community and unite their employees for a good cause.  We are interested in coming to serve at Solomon’s Porch as a group, if you would let us.  Our office is normally open on Saturday’s but Dr. Marsh has agreed to close the office for the day so that all employees have the opportunity to serve.  I’m hoping that through this experience there will be others who fall in love with the people we serve and they will come back to support Solomon’s Porch on their own.

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